The Juste Debout history

Find out JUSTE DEBOUT, The Documentary (in English) written and directed by Joëlle Matos and Cécile Quiroz, to mark the 10th anniversary of the Juste Debout:

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The Juste Debout is an international meeting of hip hop dances which gathers more than 3 000 dancers, selected after an international two months tour. 6 big disciplines are represented to it: Locking, Popping, Hip Hop New Style, House, Experimental and Top Rock. In 2012, the Juste Debout was sold out with 16 000 spectators inside the “Palais Omnisports of Paris Bercy”.

The event arisen from Bruce Ykanji's initiative, founder of the Just Debout and renowned dancer, to reward at the end of training courses the best dancers in various disciplines.  The meeting rests on values of exchange, sharing and conviviality, which will stay its trademark. It has for vocation to make all the passionate persons dance, whether professional or amateur.

It is in the gymnasium of Champs sur Marne (Parisian suburb), in 2002, that takes place the first meeting, it gathers 330 participants, but from the second year, it is 1 200 participants who join the competition.

In 2004, in order to accommodate more people, the Juste Debout takes place at the Coubertin Stadium in Paris, and it is more than 2 400 dancers who came to the event. The event is growing and acquires an international fame, for proof, this year, it is a jury almost entirely Japanese which moves in the capital. The meeting success does not empty and for its fifth edition in 2006, the Coubertin Stadium welcomes this time 7 000 persons, come to see the show.

In 5 years, the Juste Debout has emerged as the biggest hip hop dance show in the world and refers to all professional dancers in France and abroad.

It is in 2008, for its 7th edition, that the Juste Debout makes his entrance in the mythical Bercy. Beyond its prodigious success, the event is the proof that hip hop dance has earned a rightful place on the international cultural scene.

Today, the Juste Debout it is a final in Bercy, with over 160 dancers competing in front of an international jury, 16 000 persons who come to attend the event and 50 000 spectators worldwide.

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