The greatest hip hop dances event worldwide

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March 2020

Accorhotels Arena Paris



The greatest hip hop dance event worldwide

Juste Debout is an international Hip Hop “stand up” dances event, which brings together more than 4,000 dancers, selected after a 3 months international tour.

Come and discover the cream of the crop on March 1st, 2020 at AccorHotels Arena in Paris, on an exceptional day where showmanship and dance art will come as one.

5 categories

Locking, Popping, Hip Hop Newstyle, House dance, Junior Dance Tour! Feel the intensity of Hip Hop, Funkstyle and House music live.
A mythical place

A high voltage atmosphere

Since 2008, the Juste Debout has been sold out at the AccorHotels Arena, bringing together more than 16,000 spectators from around the world.

Junior Dance Tour

Since transmission is part of our mission to all, we have renewed the Junior Dance Tour. Raising the profile of our young talents is essential for the future of our art.

Hip Hop Dance Week

A rich and intense week punctuated by workshops at the Just Debout School, parties, concerts, conferences and a new concept: Juste Debout On Stage.

Bruce Ykanji, founder of Juste Debout

hello my people!

“ Join us from February 25th to March 3rd for a week of dance, exchange and sharing for #danceloverz as well as for art and culture lovers. Come shake up your ideas about dance. Peace.”

12 am

Doors opening

2 pm

Opening Show

2.45 pm

1/8 finals

Locking (8 battles 32 dancers, 45 minutes)
House Dance (8 battles, 32 dancers, 45 minutes)
Popping (8 battles, 32 dancers, 45 minutes)
Hip Hop (8 battles, 32 dancers, 45 minutes)

5.45 pm


6 pm

1/4 and 1/2 finals

Junior Dance Tour (6 battles, 8 dancers, 22 minutes)
Locking (6 battles, 16 dancers, 33 minutes)
House Dance (6 battles, 16 dancers, 33 minutes)
Popping (6 battles, 16 dancers, 33 minutes)
Hip Hop (6 battles, 16 dancers, 33 minutes)

8.35 pm


9.05 pm


Junior Dance Tour (1 battle, 2 dancers, 7 minutes)
Locking (1 battle, 4 dancers, 13 minutes)
House Dance (1 battle, 4 dancers, 13 minutes)
Popping (1 battle, 4 dancers, 13 minutes)
Hip Hop (1 battle, 4 dancers, 13 minutes)

10.30 pm


11 pm


Juste Debout 2020 program


Judge Locking


Manu discovered his passion for hip hop dances 26 years ago and since has never stopped. In 2003, he enters locking and popping competitions and quickly confirms his speciality for locking. In 2006, he co-creates the collective Sens’As / Légende Urbaine with who he trained in numerous disciplines.

His rigor and determination without fault earned him to win numerous national and international competitions such as Juste Debout (four times), The Week, Funkin’Stylez, KOD (seven to smoke China and 1vs1 Switzerland) or WDC Japan.

« (…) I’d rather say dance and I found each other, it has been a way to express, create and my way to breathe life ».



Judge popping


Nelson Ewande is a French artist, known to be one of the best Hip Hop dancer / choreographer  of his generation, passionated by addin his influences (Afro, footwork...) to his Poppin Techniques. After a pedagogical formation, he became a professional dancer and won the biggest contests from 2007 to nowadays (almost a hundred..).

He dances and choreographs artists, famous showcases, commercials spots, share his passion by teaching and judging battles all over the world.

By founding his own structure @LaTeboi, and the « french touch » team @EnfantsProdiges, he's also now the events producer & artistic director of Blesh Party Paris, KOD France and Urban Step Festival.



Judge House


Tony McGregor   started dancing at a young age and his style of dance is related to his passion for Hip Hop, House and Martial Arts.  He has danced with EPMD  LL Cool J, Fugees, CeCe Peniston,  Too Nice, Teddy Riley, MC Search and more.

Since 97, Tony has been teaching, judging, organizing street dance competitions and performing throughout the USA, Canada, Japan, Asia and Europe.

Tony continues to share his knowledge of Hip Hop and House dance culture through workshops, performances,  and judging organized street dance competitions.



Judge Hip Hop


Always representing the South Bronx, TweetBoogie is devoted to the street styles of hip hop. As she continues to travel all over the world teaching in different countries such as Japan, Poland, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, The Philippines, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Australia and South Africa to name a few. Her passion has led her to work with top artists like ‪Jay-Z‬‬, LL Cool J‪, Mary J Blige, Shakira, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj and the most recent the iconic Miss Janet Jackson in her amazing “Made For Now” video. ‬‬‬ Tweetie was also the host of MTV's "Dances From Tha Hood" on demand. Some of her biggest clients were teaching Gail and Oprah some of the latest hip hop moves as a guest choreographer on The OPRAH Show. As an associate producer of the Ladies of Hip Hop Festival TweetBoogie believes in helping ladies of all ages and sizes across the world to come together and celebrate street dance culture through music and dance one ladie at a time.

March, 2020 - Be ready!

6 month
25 days
16 minutes
57 seconds


Address :
AccorHotels Arena
8 boulevard de Bercy, 75012 Paris

Metro :
Lines 6 & 14 : “Bercy” stop

Bus :
Lines 24, 87 : “Gare de Bercy” stop
Line 64 : “Parc de Bercy” stop



The 14 thematic bars of the AccorHotels Arena are located in the gallery surrounding the theater and are accessible to spectators with tickets after going through security.

These are fast food outlets that will offer a quality foods prepared on site: Burgers, Thai food, Pizza, Deli… a little something for everyone!


Recommended price :
Rate: 30€
Group rate: 25€

Dealers :
FNAC, Digitick and AccorHotels Arena


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